ADLG - Game Report 9

ADLG - Thessalian (60) vs Graeco-Bactrian (46)

A Socially Distanced Garden Game with Paul Frith

While we wait patiently for the lockdown restrictions to be lifted we took opportunity of a spell of what looked like good weather to get a game in the garden - conducted all according to the lockdown regulations. I say looked like good weather, only for the heavens to open. Fortunately my garden parasol managed to keep the worst of the weather off us as we played.
See it was at least sunny enough when we started! A typical Greek deployment with Hoplites in the centre and the light troops and cavalry thrown out to the flank. Paul seized on the gully I chose as a useful piece of flank protection.

I left-wheeled the Greeks as quickly as I could into the Bactrians. Meanwhile Paul's Bactrians are doing their own left wheel with their faster troops into my flank. I have started to inflict some hits despite losing two light cavalry who I impetuously charge into hos light cavalry. 

The Greek Peltasts supported by the Hoplites try to drive of Elite Elephants. 
Despite the Greek loses on their left flank to the elephants the Greek right has destroyed the Indian archers in a lengthy fire fight. In the centre the Greek Hoplites are more than holding their own against the Bactrian phalanx.
The Greek medium cavalry has been destroyed and the Elephants have found a new target. The centre is being strongly contested.

The Hoplites have destroyed the Bactrian Phalanx, and the Peltasts are about to destroy the remaining phalanx. At this stage I only needed one more hit to defeat Paul. I missed the opportunity to engage his cavalry with my hoplites to secure a hit and the chance went begging as he managed to rally his units and then destroyed the peltasts with his cavalry. Once again trying to get that last point to beat Paul proved elusive!


A victory for the Bactrian's, but only because I missed the opportunity to finish Paul off and he managed to seize the opportunity to rally some units!

Lessons Learnt

  • Try and pick the right commander for the right command!
  • Look for opportunities to finish the enemy.
  • Infantry can charge cavalry and it is sometimes the right thing to do

Austrian Army of 1798

Austrian Army of  the French Revolutionary Wars

This army has been a long time in the painting. By a reasonable estimate I must have had these figures for 25 years! The two things happened. 

The first is I discovered Bataille Empire. I was able to kick start my experience with these rules with my 6mm figures but I remembered these Austrians languishing in a box.

The second was that we went into Lockdown on and off for 2020 and 2021. What an ideal opportunity to hide away paint away and complete the Army. 

Lockdown Project 5!

I am very pleased with the way that they have come out. All I need to do is bring them to a table to fight. I have more than sufficient for a 200pt game, but I think I could stretch this to 300 points if needed.

Next up to paint will be an opposition French Army of the period that I have been kindly gifted.

Army List 134 - Andalusian Arabs

Army List 134 - Andalusian Arabs

I have always wanted a cavalry and dark ages era army. After a little research I decided to opt to base it on the Andalusian Arabs. The opportunity to purchase the figures came at the beginning of 2021 with the kind people of Museum Miniatures having an excellent value sale! An opportunity not to be missed and a good reason to buy figures that any wife would understand!

Lockdown Project 6!

I bough a few more Arab cavalry than I intended initially but it now means that the Army can morph into other Arab armies from the list! Sound planning, but it all depends on how they fight. Or is it how well they are commanded?

It was a little bit of an homage to my mother. She always had a thing for Charlton Heston after watching him in El Cid and Ben Hur. The Museum Miniatures general figure is a dead ringer for Mr Heston!

Army List 84 - Early Imperial Romans

Army List 84 - Early Imperial Romans

What have the Romans ever given us?

In answer to that question I can answer they have given me over 40 years of wargaming fun, ever since I created my first Roman Army for WRG 6th Edition! These figures are a mix of Minfigs versions 1, 2 and 3 and a few Essex figures thrown into the mix. I have more to rebase as well. Who knows what I shall need for ADLG V4? Some of these are mine and some were gifted to me some years ago by a very good friend.

ADLG - Game Report 9

ADLG - Thessalian (60) vs Graeco-Bactrian (46) A Socially Distanced Garden Game with Paul Frith While we wait patiently for the lockdown res...