Austrian Army of 1798

Austrian Army of  the French Revolutionary Wars

This army has been a long time in the painting. By a reasonable estimate I must have had these figures for 25 years! The two things happened. 

The first is I discovered Bataille Empire. I was able to kick start my experience with these rules with my 6mm figures but I remembered these Austrians languishing in a box.

The second was that we went into Lockdown on and off for 2020 and 2021. What an ideal opportunity to hide away paint away and complete the Army. 

Lockdown Project 5!

I am very pleased with the way that they have come out. All I need to do is bring them to a table to fight. I have more than sufficient for a 200pt game, but I think I could stretch this to 300 points if needed.

Next up to paint will be an opposition French Army of the period that I have been kindly gifted.

Army List 134 - Andalusian Arabs

Army List 134 - Andalusian Arabs

I have always wanted a cavalry and dark ages era army. After a little research I decided to opt to base it on the Andalusian Arabs. The opportunity to purchase the figures came at the beginning of 2021 with the kind people of Museum Miniatures having an excellent value sale! An opportunity not to be missed and a good reason to buy figures that any wife would understand!

Lockdown Project 6!

I bough a few more Arab cavalry than I intended initially but it now means that the Army can morph into other Arab armies from the list! Sound planning, but it all depends on how they fight. Or is it how well they are commanded?

It was a little bit of an homage to my mother. She always had a thing for Charlton Heston after watching him in El Cid and Ben Hur. The Museum Miniatures general figure is a dead ringer for Mr Heston!

Army List 84 - Early Imperial Romans

Army List 84 - Early Imperial Romans

What have the Romans ever given us?

In answer to that question I can answer they have given me over 40 years of wargaming fun, ever since I created my first Roman Army for WRG 6th Edition! These figures are a mix of Minfigs versions 1, 2 and 3 and a few Essex figures thrown into the mix. I have more to rebase as well. Who knows what I shall need for ADLG V4? Some of these are mine and some were gifted to me some years ago by a very good friend.

Army List 14 - New Kingdom Egyptian

Army List 14 - New Kingdom Egyptian

This was another rebasing exercise from DBA to ADLG, and a few extra units painted as well!

This was Lockdown Project 3

ADLG Frenchies

Army List 175 - Feudal French, or Army List 226 - HYW French, or Army List 231 Burgundians

This was rebased as Covid-19 Lockdown Project 2! It is a multi role medieval army which when combined with the Flemish can be a wide range of armies from the Feudal period to the later Medieval Period.

Army List 232 - Low Countries

Army List 232 - Low Countries

This army was one of the armies originally based for DBA but now rebased for ADLG.

This was Covid-19 Lockdown Project 1

DBA Renaissance

DBA Renaissance Matched Pairs

I use a DBA Renaissance variant that was published in Wargames Illustrated about 30 years ago to fight these two armies. All the 15mm figures are based as for DBA 25mm figures.

I may, if the mood takes me, rebase them for ADLG-Renaissance. 

The Germans

The Swedes

Honours of War - Game Report 1

Honours of War Scenario - The Clash at Kutzdorf

This was the first game against a human opponent for both Dave and myself with Honours of War. As always when one learns a set of rules playing solo and then start playing an opponent a whole new set of challenges and different interpretations of the rules emerge. This game was to be no different.

However, both of us agree that Keith Flint has made an outstanding job with these rules. They play very well and give one the real flavour of the Seven Years War. If you are not familiar with them I recommend buying a copy and giving them a go. They are available through Osprey and are Book 11 of their "Osprey Wargames" range.

The Scenario

The scenario is taken straight from the book. The forces are relatively small.

In this case I laid out the Prussians with two infantry Brigades with 3 battalions each and a medium battery. and a Cavalry Brigade of a regiment of Dragoons and a regiment of Hussars. All the Prussians are rated as standard .

Dave took the Austrians, as he was on that side where the camera was placed (we were playing via Zoom). The Austrians had an infantry brigade of  four battalions and a medium battery. A light infantry brigade of two Grenzer battalions. An artillery brigade of two medium batterys, And a cavalry brigade of a regiment of Dragoons and a regiment of Hussars. All the Austrians are rated as standard, except for the artillery who are superior and the Husssars which are inferior. 

We decided to roll dice for the commanders. Both sides Commanding Generals, were "Dithering", as was the Austrian artillery commander.  Both Prussian brigade commanders were "Dashing" and the rest on both sides were "Dependable". For those unfamiliar with the rule the implications of this will come clear later.

Initial Dispositions - Ready for Game Turn 1

Game Turns 1 to 2

The Austrians made a stately start using their Grenzers to move through the wood and threaten the Prussian right flank. In response the Prussians orientated their right forward brigade to face off against the Grenzers and the Austrian Infantry Brigade advanced into battle formation on their right.

The left rear Prussian infantry brigade is advanced to conform to the brigade to its right.

The Prussian Cavalry brigade advanced, but the Austrians had not yet decided to move.

Game Turn 3

The Austrians were forced back into the woods from the fire they received, to line the edge of the wood. Their infantry brigade moved up on their right flank. 

The Prussians right brigade moved into line with their left flank refused. The other Prussian infantry brigade continued its advance to support its friends. 

There was an exchange of fire and both sides took casualties.

Game Turn 4

The Prussian right brigade were pushed back through the combined fire of the Grenzers and the Austrian infantry brigade. Casualties mounted.

The Austrian infantry brigade's command and control failed and they didn't advance in support of the Grenzers. Also the Austrian Cavalry had not yet decided to become involved in the battle. 

Game Turn 5 - After the Movement Phase

This is the game turn it started to go pear shaped for the Prussians. Both "Dashing" brigade commanders became "Inspired" and their "Dithering" Commanding General was nowhere in sight to be able to restrain their behaviour. They both advanced and charged the Austrians.

To make matters even more interesting the Austrian infantry brigade commander also became "Inspired". 

The Austrian Cavalry fell back to avoid artillery fire and also due to the fact that the "Inspired" Austrians have seized KUTZDORF.

Game Turn 5 - End of Turn

The observant reader will notice that there is one less Prussian battalion in the right forward brigade which was "Done For" in the melee. And the Austrian's lost a battalion as well.

Game Turn 6

Another turn of carnage, with the Austrian artillery and the Austrians in KUTZDORF destroying the leading Prussian battalion of the left Prussian infantry brigade.

The Austrians regrouped and formed a stronger line in the centre. While the Austrian Cavalry continued to decide to stay where they were despite the wishes of their Commanding General.

One of the Grenzer battalions was forced to retreat from fire.

Game Turn 7

Another Prussian battalion in the right forward was destroyed by fire, and its artillery was forced to limber and retreat.

The omens and portents were not good for the Prussians as the Austrian Cavalry had decided to enter the fray at last!

Game Turn 8

The final denouement.

It had to be that on this turn that the Austrian Commanding General encouraged the Austrian Cavalry Commander to become "Dashing" and he "Inspired" his Dragoons to glory. They charged the Prussian guns and even though they were supported by the Prussian Dragoons the guns were destroyed. The Austrian Dragoons pursued into the Prussian Dragoons who had to retreat from the subsequent melee.

With the Austrian forces now reformed and continuing their advance the new Prussian Commanding General, he had replaced his superior after he had succumbed to his wounds suffered from fire, waved his white 'kercheif  in surrender. This was accepted with grace and dignity by the Austrian Commanding General.


Dave and I have played Seven Years War many times. He introduced me to the period many years ago. We both really enjoyed these rules. They are both simple and yet subtle. As suggested they do give a real feel for the period. Our next encounter is going to be in the Weser Valley on the western front of the war.

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