Solo Wargaming - My Approach


Solo Wargaming - An Introduction into my Approach

As with many wargamers I often play solo. I thought it would be useful to share some of my thoughts on how to do this in a meaningful way, and of course have fun.

Rule Selection

Choice of rules is an important decision when playing Solo. I have found that rule systems that have a greater degree of uncertainty about when and how far units move, and which impose significant command and control are the best.

With that in mind I have found the old Brigade Fire and Fury rules for ACW very useful. The uncertainty in the Tactical March phase is very good for making every game different and giving a solo player lots of challenges.

What is especially nice is that Col (Retd) Bill Gray, on his Age of Eagles Web Site has extended these to cover all conflicts between the Seven Years War and the early part of WW1. Using the same game system also has the virtue of simplifying the problem of remembering the rules!

For WW2 I rather like Combat HQ as command and control is a major feature within the rules. Also, the latest version of the rules comes with doctrinal rules that impact how forces behave in combat. An important constraint for the solo commander to deal with.

Harnessing the power of the Computer

As a programming geek I love writing my own programs for wargaming. In the past attempts to make computer moderated rules have rather foundered on the need to interface through a keyboard. However, the important step forward has been the use of touchscreen computers which makes point and click a reality.

I have used all the rules I use as computer specifications and then written programs to provide automated quick reference guides for the rules. In other words, rather than pointing at the QRS and then working out the scores in ones head, I now point and click on the tablet and the computer does the calculations and dice rolling for me and then gives me the answer.