Bataille Empire - Game Report 2

1809 Austrians vs French around Regensburg

Round two for Adam and myself. We decided not to leave it to long between games as we wanted to make sure that we remembered as much of the rules as we could. I don't think we did too bad at all. Overall more than a qualified success, we are both warming to the rules.

Initial Forces - 200 points

Adam's French were similar to the last orbat. This time, however, he decided to have less capable commanders which freed up the points for a Cuirassier Division of two regiments with an accompanying horse battery. The other two divisions were infantry.

My Austrians were similar to the previous game, except that I downrated the infantry to all conscripts. This gave me two infantry divisions, one with 4 regiments and a battery and the other with 6 regiments and a battery (68 points), The same advance guard division and the Dragoon Division. The difference in size between the infantry divisions was to ensure that if we had to fight an Assault battle again, then I would be able to leave the larger infantry division off table as the reserve given it was one third of the army!

Initial Setup

With the Austrian recon points (French Cuirassiers find all this recon nonsense beneath them) they won the initiative and became the attacker with an Attack battle. So all Austrian forces were at last on the board at the same time. Right from the start it was clear that the Austrian left and the French right were constrained by the large wood. The other point without doubt the central (gentle) hill was going to become a magnet for both sides with the cavalry doing their thing on the Austrian right flank.

Game Turn 1

As attacker the Austrians seized the hill; how long could they hold it? On the right the Austrian advance Guard Division moved to attack the building with their right flank secure by their Hussar Regiment and that of the Light Cavalry Division. The Hussar Regiment were charged by the Cuirassiers and were forced to Retreat. In response the Dragoons counter attacked and forced the Cuirassiers to Retreat, yes you indeed did read correctly! 

Game Turn 2

The Austrians change the orders of the Advance Guard to Engage, they lacked the strength to attack the Building objective. 

On the Austrian right flank both sides Cavalry continue to trade blows in charges and counter charges. Honours are broadly even again, but one can see the cuirassiers starting to gain an upper hand against the Austrian lighter cavalry.

In the centre the French attack on the hill has brought them into volley range. In the ensuing fire fights after sustaining more fire losses from the French an Austrian regiment withdraws, and a reserve regiment takes its place.

Game Turn 3

On the Austrian right the French Cuirassiers charged the Advance Guard infantry forcing the lead regiment to square, the other cuirassier regiment charged and destroyed both regiments of dragoons. 

In the centre the firefight has forced the Austrians of the hill. The furthest forward French regiment charged and forced the Austrians to Retreat, even though on its way into the assault it took significant fire casualties from opportunity fire. The Austrians in the centre only have two formed regiments, both to the right of the ditch.

At this stage the Austrians had lost around 28 cohesion points, 12 away from their rout level.

Game Turn 4

This game turn saw the Advance Guard divisions crumble under the French Infantry attack and their hussars eliminated by the Cuirassiers. With that we drew a line under the game, and awarded the French the vicorry based on the Austrian cohesion losses reaching 38 points and they held the hill objective. And Entoyment wanted to close!

Lessons Learnt

  • If both players have the rules with them certainly would help speed up the game :).
  • Leaving Austrians in attack column to defend isn't the best tactic as they lose their firepower.
  • Once again deployment and size of the forces means that one has to choose very carefully an initial deployment.
  • As an Austrian with limited command capability once you have deployed you are deployed; you are unlikely to have sufficient command points to respond flexibly.
  • Light and medium cavalry are like lambs to the slaughter against Cuirassiers; unless one really gets lucky with the combat dice.
  • The terrain was much better this time. It helps to have some large terrain elements and buildings that are the recommended sizes. 

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